LUNDY Finalizes Watertown Golf Club Purchase

Michael E. Lundy, Lundy Development and Property Management, closed on the sale and purchase of the assets of the Watertown Golf Club Inc. December 19, 2018. The sale makes Mr. Lundy majority owner of the stocks of the corporation. The stock sale also includes his sister Colleen A, Lundy, who will own 10% of the shares, resulting in the two owning approximately 90% of the overall shares. The Watertown Golf Club Board voted to sell the shares in September. After the Clubs’ season closed on October 15th, the last two months were spent finalizing the books, agreeing to payment of bills and transfer of assets. “We were just waiting for the necessary review and process to be completed.,” stated Mr. Lundy. “All of the stocks have been paid to the appropriate parties, the bills paid, and paperwork signed. So, it is now official.”


When asked about future plans for the course Mr. Lundy responded on a number of issues that have been discussed over the last few months. “I have every intention to continue operating the course as an 18-hole course. The current lease with the City continues for another 11 years and our plans are to operate under that lease going forward, but make substantial improvements that the public will benefit from. We are already in the design phase for a new club house, pro shop, and event center. We also plan on redesigning the course a little over the next couple of years to make it a little longer and make it a little more competitive for all levels of play with different tee boxes by playing level, under the guidance of our Professional Lanie Gerken.”


In addition, Mr. Lundy stated how he felt the timing of his purchase was perfect in terms of all the exciting things happening at Thompson Park with the pool, splash pad, new playground, zoo improvements, and Friends of the Park. “The Club is right in the middle of this great area and half of the property is city owned so we want to work with the City and these groups to be an integral part of Thompson Park as a whole. I can see us making the Club a year-round facility with snowshoeing, cross country ski and walking trails, and more. The event facility we are going to build will be open to public events to utilize (weddings, banquets etc) as well as our new restaurant and catering abilities. We will be an active participant in much more than golfing, helping to grow the Park as a destination.”


When asked why he was purchasing the Watertown Golf Club Mr. Lundy answered, “What many people don’t know is that I have over 20 years of involvement as a Board Member with Carlowden Country Club in Denmark. I have also served as President of the Club twice and was the long-time Chairman of the Steering Committee. In addition, I have personally been involved with numerous fundraising golf tournaments over the years. I am very familiar with what is involved in the management of a golf course and the entire operations. I have long stated that running a golf operation as a volunteer organization is difficult. Carlowden struggled doing it for many years, and I was a strong advocate of it being owned privately. When Carlowden went up for sale last year, I passed on the opportunity to purchase it and there are days that I regret it. When this opportunity to purchase the Watertown Golf Club came about, I decided to pursue it.” He also added that he saw a similarity between Carlowden and the Watertown Golf Club in terms of its management and financial situation. “Both clubs had hard working volunteer board members who dedicated themselves to do everything they could to make it work. Here at the Watertown Golf Club it was run almost like a non-profit and a handful of dedicated individuals really put everything they had into it, including their own financial assets, but that does not allow for very much opportunity for reinvestment or growth. Under our new set up we will run it more like a business and be able to reinvest and make improvements, but still keep the important characteristics that make the Club a draw to its membership, while attracting new members and public play.”


Plans for the new construction of the club house, pro shop and event center will be presented to the City in the next couple of months. Look for more exciting announcements to come at